Admission Requirements

Audition Information

Auditions are like a friendly session between you and your prospective instructor.  ATeacher and Studentside from listening to your  prepared material, the instructors may also work with you on tone, fingering, muscle tension, etc in a mini-lesson.  In all cases instructors look for natural musical instincts; the ability to adapt to new exercises and a general sense that you are going to follow instructions and work consistently.

As a student of the Cambrian Music Program you are expected to set aside a few hours for focused daily practice.  This will ensure you progress from term to term to meet higher technical standards.  Graduates must be at a minimum Grade 9 RCM level by the end of the program. In the case of guitarists a minimum Grade 8 RCM level.

In-person auditions are recommended so that you can meet the faculty, see the facilities and get a sense of the college. We will schedule auditions at a time that is suitable to your travel plans.  We do accept video auditions for those living a great distances.

What to expect at your audition:

Classical Guitar
Two pieces that you feel best shows your abilities (any style). Instructors will be looking for good hand position, posture issues, flexible left-hand, good dexterity and brain-finger synapse, the ability to adapt to new instructions.  Basic music reading skills will be an advantage.  Classical training will enhance and extend technique for other styles of music.**Electric bass players may want to check out double bass as an option (see below in Strings) Contact Dr. Matthew Gould at or 705 566-8101, ex. 7745
Percussion     For those with Drum Kit background a verbal interview with the instructor may suffice.  If there is an audition you will be asked to play some riffs in a few styles: Latin, swing, rock,  a  ¾  meter, etc. Percussion applicants will have the option of studying all percussion instruments as a major or minor, or to focus on Drum Kit as a major or minor. For those who choose Percussion rather than drum kit as their major, you will be asked for some snare fundamentals and some mallet work to determine your starting material for the semester. Contact Ian Gibson at or 705 566-8101, ex. 7789
Piano     Two pieces (or a study) as well as some fundamental scale requests, generally at a Grade 7 or 8 RCM level.   For those with no formal background (perhaps you’ve learned by ear or have natural auto-didactic ability), play whatever you feel shows your skill level. Good finger dexterity and brain-finger synapse, and a capacity to adapt to instructions quickly will be noted at the audition and have strong value. The discipline to gradually develop reading skills will be essential. Contact Dr. Charlene Biggs at or 705 566-8101 ex. 7325
For violin/viola/cello, any two pieces from intermediate level material.   Intonation must be good, or at least show improvement with instruction. For double bass, players can actually start from scratch, although a good sense of pitch will be necessary. Many double bass majors audition on electric bass for the audition. Play whatever you feel best shows your skills.  Afterward, the instructor will start you on   double bass a transition that is fairly easy.  Skills that are acquired on the double bass are very transferable to electric bass. Contact Jamie Arrowsmith at or 705 566-8101, ex. 7407
Woodwinds and Brass      Two pieces, any style.  Instructors will be looking for the potential in tone quality, the ability to make fingering adaptations easily, changes in embouchure if needed etc., good finger dexterity, the ease of your current range and the potential to extend range etc. If some suggestions are needed for pieces, don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Dr. Geoff Tiller at
Previous private study is an advantage.   Sing two pieces that you feel best show your abilities.   Instructors will be looking for tone quality and potential for tone clarity, the potential in range, good pitch will be essential, voice flexibility (ease of moving from note to note).  Some music reading skills will be an advantage. Contact Pamela Teed at or call 705 566-8101, ex. 7227.