Cambrian Concert Series

The Cambrian Concert Series features our music faculty and guests performing a wide variety of classical music that spans over 500 years! Our annual Potpourri concert features small chamber music settings with guitar, brass, cello, double-bass, piano, violin, viola, voice, and winds celebrating music composed before 1900. The “Adopt a Composer” project showcases living composers by inviting them to campus for a concert of their works performed by students and faculty together. often accompanied by music composition workshops, masterclasses and seminars. Guitar concerts include the annual invitation to the winner of the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Concert Artist Competition along with masterclasses and private lessons with the guest artist. The “Cambrian Camerata” concert invites local, national and internationally known performers to join Cambrian music faculty on various thematic concerts. This concert often features the most avante-garde and contemporary music being composed today including video installations and computer assisted music.

A Few Highlights…

Ekachai Jerakul, visiting guitarist from Thailand