Programs Available

In addition to individual lessons, specialized programs are available through the Cambrian Academy of Music.  Lessons and courses are available to people of all ages and skill levels.  Specialized programs include:

The Cambrian String Program
A well established school of string instruction. The string alumni of the Cambrian Academy and post-secondary program are members of many important musical organizations throughout Canada and the US, including professional ensembles, community and professional orchestras and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, as well as participants in major competitions. Individual lessons in violin, viola, cello and bass are arranged with instructors at the beginning of each term. Instructors use a range of teaching concepts, starting with Suzuki methodology (depending on student’s age) and broadening their methods as the student’s basic training matures.  As students become ready, they are encouraged to participate in young ensembles and the Sudbury Youth Orchestra (SYO), a highly regarded and award winning training orchestra. The SYO is a frequent participant in the Ontario Youth Orchestra Festival, as well as other provincial and national festivals. The orchestra has traveled internationally on several occasions and earned excellent reviews in international festivals. The ensemble offers an outlet not only for strings, but frequently incorporates a wind and percussion section as well.
Rock Music And Culture
Rock Music and Culture blends musical commentary into a historical and social framework as it traces the development of rock music from its roots in Country, Blues, and Gospel to today?s most popular bands. Students will experience first-hand the defining characteristics of rock styles and develop the ability to make connections between the popular music of yesterday and today.
Music Theory Programs
Cambrian College Music Academy offers the following theory and history lessons as preparation for conservatory examination.
Sudbury Youth Orchestra
This course includes rehearsals, sectionals and performances.  The SYO is an active organization; commitment to rehearsals and performances is necessary from players and parents.
Beginner Guitar
This course covers a range of guitar techniques including bass chording, melody playing with both fingers and flatpick, and alternating bass notes with chords. Students will learn to accompany themselves singing simple folk songs while chording. They will also learn the basics of country and blues styles and acquire the foundation techniques from which to build more intricate instrumental styles.For the group exercises, reading music is not required, but the basic elements of rhythm and music notation will be covered. Participants are required to bring an acoustic guitar, either with nylon or steel strings.
Jazz Improvisation
Learn the basics of jazz improvisation!  In addition to basic jazz patterns and scales there will be a strong emphasis on melodic improvisation.Please contact instructor Allan Walsh at (705) 897-1660 for further information.

All courses being offered may not be listed on this page.

Please call or text Jamie Arrowsmith at (705) 662-1356 for more information.